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“...we were intorduced to Scott Stewart by a colleague who had used Scott's expertise on a number of projects including website development and e-marketing... Scott demonstrated understanding of the task and applied his knowledge and expertise to produce a landmark product...I have no hesitation in recommending Scott as a tireless professional who is clearly able to think outside the box."”

Steve Lane, Lane Work Safe

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Digital Marketing - SEO EDM, Social Media

The implementation of a well designed set of strategic objectives has immediate and critical long term consequences. Social media for example should be carefully segmented, positioned, targeted and timely (seasonaility for example). It must be tailored to the movements of the user, and the message must be compelling and responsive to the users evoced set at that specific point in time.

Marketing is a critical effort that requires extensive multi-discipline knowledge of areas including law, public relations, statistics and mathematics. Without these skills a proper strategic marketing effort cannot be designed and implemented. Digital marketing increases the scope of knowledge required substantially.


I have a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing, and I won the National Mutual prize for best sales student.


I worked as a marketing consultant for a research and development firm called BSC Electronics. I completed global marketing plan based on an Internet and WWW strategy, and was successful in attracting a Federal Government grant. In 1996 was Advertising Manager of the Western Review Newspaper.


Further Experience.

In 1998 I started a web business called "Sydney Singles", and won an award as the 8th busiest internet site in Australia. I wrote web based business applications software for global corporations from 1999 to 2003. In 2006 I designed and implemented 2 successful EDM campaigns. From 2007 - 2013 I worked as a freelance web developer buidling websites for an Internet Entrepreneur who built and sold Startups. Since 2011 I have been providing SEO, social media, web design and web development services as a freelancer.