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In 2006 I formulated a health research project that is largely motivated by a wish to help people that live with the experience of hearing voices. I contacted the Schizophrenic Fellowship of NSW providing them with my initial research proposal, seeking their comments, approval and funding. They agreed to fund the research, however I decided to expand the scope of the research, so declined the offer, and am currently applying for ethics approval from the NSW government.


In 1997 I devised, planned and then developed a web based dating site called “Sydney Singles”. The site was underpinned by the value of behavioural consumer data that it could collect, and consequently did not require joining fees or any other payment from users. This website won an award as Australia’s 8th most popular internet site in 1998.


In 1996 I was employed by BSC Electronics to write a grant application for the federal governments “R&D Start” initiative. I was employed because I had previously conducted a marketing effort throughout Australia and New Zealand that was successful in achieving their sales goals. The grant was competitive against organisations including BHP and Sydney University. The application was successful and BSC were offered several hundred thousand dollars to help finance the development and commercialisation of their apparatus.


In 1995 I conducted a market research project for Silvio's Pizza (Perth), whose city outlet had failed to make a profit in it's first year and a half of operation. I designed the research project, created the research forms, collected and analysed the data, and wrote up the findings and conclusions. The manager of the store implemented my findings through a promotional effort that had the store busy within hours, making it profitable for the first time since opening.


In 1994 I conducted a market research project for the Musicians Union of WA. The research was investigating the future of the (Australian "pub rock") live popular music industry, and it's potential (though declining) contribution to export income. The results of the research were presented at a Federal Government conference called "Staying Alive". I was the only person in the country to have empirical information describing trends and forecasts for the industry.


In 1993 I designed and implemented a market research project to test the potential strength of response to a proposed popular music event called "Ziggy Stardust And he Spiders From Mars - A David Bowie Tribute Show". After collecting and analysing the data, I provided sufficient evidence for the project to get funding, and subsequently the show was created, performed, and was very successful.