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Car Care Information

The True Value Of Professioanl Car Care

Upper North Shore Car Cleaning
Car Care - Washing And Cleaning Product Residues
If you do not have the correct specialist tools, and/or you choose an inferior polish, glazing or waxing agent, you may find residues remain on the surfaces and trim of your car. We know how to avoid this problem, and how to solve it if you already have it.
Car Care, Value And Minor Paint Damage
Our Hornsby workshop is fully equipped with equipment, paint and products so we can 'touch-up' incidental paint damage. Inexperience can easily lead to disaster if the paint gets damaged at a non-specialist car wash.
Car Care : Requires A Proper Workshop
Washing your car in direct sunlight leads to watermarks and streaks, so the shade of a workshop is essential.
Car Care and Interiors - Detoxing, Deodorising, De-staining
Fabric, vinyl and leather upholstery are all damaged and soiled by sweat and oils from your skin. If you have been wearing sunscreen or other lotions, they may get onto the interior surfaces of the vehicle.
Hornsby Pennant Hills Hand Carwash Car Detailing ANd Cleaning
The True Value Of Premium Superior Car Care Products
Quality not quantity is the key to value for money with detailing products. Since much of what you apply is subsequently rubbed off, using more product will not lead to better results.
Car Window Clarity Is Essential For Safety
If you have a nasty film on the inside of your windows, it may be polyvinyl fog. This is created by air conditioning units, new plastics and vinyl. Nasty film can build up on your windows making it difficult to see and dangerous when driving into sunlight or oncoming traffic at night.